Overland and $20,000 Fair Australia Prize for Writing

Overland is pleased to announce the judges of the $20,000 Fair Australia Prize

The $20,000 Fair Australia Prize, supported and funded by the National Union of Workers, closes in less than a month.

The competition will award a $5000 prize in each of the following categories: essay, poetry, short story, and graphic or cartoon.

For this competition, writers and artists are asked to think about how to make Australia more equitable, or the nature of precarious work and how it affects people. (See the Fair Australia Prize’s background material for more detail.)

Overland is pleased to announce the following judges for the prize:

Essay: Sarah Burnside, Overland editor Jacinda Woodhead, and the NUW’s Godfrey Moase
Short story: Overland fiction editor Jennifer MIlls and the NUW’s Emma Kerin
Poetry: Bonny Cassidy, Ali Alizadeh and the NUW’s Carina Garland

Graphic or cartoon: First Dog on the Moon and Sam Wallman

Entries are free. Learn more about this prize, or Overland’s other literary prizes.


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